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The first time Randy Day sang and played in front of an audience he was 7 years old and he was in a church.

It began a personal musical journey that would put him in front of audiences throughout the country, performing in a wide range of venues and ultimately revealing a path that led to his purpose and his passion today.

A first impression of Randy Day would be of a true son of the south, but his soft southern accent was acquired at the age of 12 when his family arrived in St. Augustine, Florida from the Poconos of Northeast Pennsylvania. Randy’s life has always revolved around the church and music, but by the time he was in high school he saw his music going in a different direction. Joining with other young St. Augustine musicians to form local bands was an important step in his musical development, introducing him to many forms of secular music that influenced his personal musical style. Country was his preferred genre, and its Christian values were as appealing to him as the sound.

On his birthday in 2015 his life abruptly changed, and God got his attention. Randy was unexpectedly diagnosed with colon cancer. The experience led to a period of deep personal reflection that would change the course of his life both musically and as a person. The songs of hope and redemption on his first CD, I Got Jesus, are the first songs that Randy has ever written. They came to him in a rush of creativity that could only have been divinely inspired. The expression of gratitude for being given the gift, and the opportunity to make music and share the uplifting message that God has entrusted to him is ever present in his life today.

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